Strangers with Packages.

Last week, on a really cold day in Boston, I walked around my old neighborhood (the North End) with an iced coffee while wearing a leopard print fur coat.

That last fact isn’t really vital to this story, but I did want to brag about the fact that I needlessly purchased a leopard print (faux) fur coat. It was on sale at Nordstrom! I’ve been wanting one! I don’t need to explain myself to YOU!

Moving on.

I stopped down into the theater I used to perform at while I waited for my friend to meet me for lunch. While I was down there, a beer delivery guy came down. He stopped at the foot of the stairs and stared at me for 3-5 seconds longer than a normal stare.

“Heeeeey, I remember you!”

As soon as he spoke, I remembered his face immediately. He was the same delivery guy from back in the day when I worked in the box office at this theater, over ten years ago.

I know that’s not that random, since it was the same delivery guy delivering to the same place. But we stopped getting this beer at one point, and then I moved on to performing… and obviously moved out of town. So, that was the end of the story.

But I remember him coming down all the time and having long conversations about our jobs and why we were in them. We bonded over music that I was playing (he told me that I was too nice of a girl to listen to the explicit version of “Can I Get A”). And he would always give me free passes to go to events for the beer company, even though I wasn’t yet 21. I worked down in a basement for 6 hours a day by myself and I would always welcome his company when he came down.

After I left, he told the manager working that he’s excited to say he “remembered me when” once I start accepting awards. Granted, I have no idea what kinds of awards I’ll be accepting in my future. Maybe Employee of the Month somewhere, if I’m lucky. But what a nice thing for him to say! He didn’t know me from anyone, but even he was rooting for my success in life when even I have LONG SINCE GIVEN UP.

As I exited the building and walked down the street (looking fly in my leopard print faux fur coat) (I’m sorry for using the word “fly”), the North End UPS driver drove by and screamed my name out the window. He and I had a very close relationship and yes, it was weird. He tried setting me up with his son and if I was out on PTO, he’d deliver packages directly to my apartment for me.

“Hi Steve!” I responded loudly and excitedly, to the confusion of passersby.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m basically Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

(In a fucking kick-ass leopard print faux fur coat.)

Basically, a random afternoon of running into a couple of delivery guys that I once had awkwardly close relationships with made me feel incredibly happy. It was a sweet and funny reminder that you can make the least likeliest of friends in the least likeliest of places. It was also a nice reminder of the impact you can have – or someone else can have – on your life.

So be nice. Be kind. Be open to making strange friends. They’re always there rooting for you. And, more importantly, delivering you stuff.

When you’re sad.

Because you’ve accomplished nothing.

And your family and friends have given up on you.

And your closest friends are delivery guys.


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